'Lone Survivor' Trailer: The Casualties of War

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It's quite possible that Peter Berg's Lone Survivor could be a late-in-the-game Oscar contender, and the latest trailer certainly makes the case for that.

While the first trailer seemed like it could plausibly be a military recruitment ad—complete with a Peter Gabriel cover of David Bowie's "Heroes"—this spot plays up the emotional drama of the story. Though it begins with some light banter between Mark Wahlberg (who plays Marcus Luttrell, author of the memoir upon which the film is based) and Taylor Kitsch, the trailer then dramatically gets to the heart of the conflict. These guys make a decision to be merciful that costs them. What follows is starker, not as soaring as the first trailer, which makes sense for a story that clearly doesn't have a happy ending. (You got that title, right?) 

The movie is still very much a wild card, but this trailer does a much better job of selling it. 

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