Kim & Kanye Already Looking for a New Mansion

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Kim Kardashian and her husband-to-be (I guess you call that a fiance?) have not yet moved into the Bel Air mansion they built for $11 million, but they're already looking toward building another place. So says the rumor mill, anyway, which posits that Kim and Kanye's recent visit to a lot "way in the back of Bel Air" indicates that they are looking to erect an even more stunning palace. Their interest supposedly lies in how tucked-away and private the ten-acre lot is. Which I should think so, being as it's "way in the back" of the tony neighborhood. Look, Kim, Kanye, privacy is great and all, especially for folks like you, but this "in the back" business sounds ominous. I mean, isn't that where Bel Air keeps its trashcans and stuff? You don't want to be in the back of the neighborhood, with all the teenagers smoking cigarettes and rats and old bottles and stuff. Doesn't seem befitting of your status as one of the nation's most powerful and important families. Think about it. Move into the almost-finished other mansion and see how you feel. If the attention really is too much, then sure, move to the back of the neighborhood, accessible only through that narrow alleyway, and make a home back there with the drifters and people on break from the crummy restaurant next door. I think you'll regret it, though. [TMZ]

Interesting. Andy Cohen has, finally, quit his day job. He's stepping down as executive vice president of development at Bravo, to focus on his talk show Watch What Happens Live and start his own production company, Most Talkative. So a long farce has finally ended. I mean, I'm sure at some point Andy Cohen really was doing the day-to-day work of being a development exec, but I can't imagine that in recent years, with his talk show blowing up and going five nights a week, that he's really been doing much in that capacity. He'll still be exec producer of the Real Housewives franchise, and will still do the reunions and stuff, but mostly he's striking out on his own. Expanding the brand of Andy Cohen. Brandy Cohen. That's what he should have called his production company. Oh well. We wish him luck. May the Lord guide and keep him on his most blessed journey. And by the Lord, I of course mean Jim Bellino. [Broadcast & Cable]

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Hm. Though her people deny that this happened, Us Weekly has a source who says that actress Isla Fisher tried to warn her friend Julianne Hough before Hough stepped out in blackface for a Halloween party last month. You remember that dumb incident, I'm sure. Well, Isla Fisher supposedly saw the error in Julianne's ways and was like "You should go clean off your damn face," but it didn't happen. Isla's urgings were in vain. Or, supposed urgings. Again, Isla's people say this never happened. Which, what a weird thing to deny. "No, my client did not warn her friend that she was about to do an incredibly dumb and insensitive thing that would have people mad at her for weeks, if not months. She stood there and said nothing." Strange publicity tactic, but OK. Guess Isla doesn't want to throw her friend under the bus. Which is respectable, of course, but still. Seems like you might want to get the word out that you were like "Jules, whaddaya think, maybe no blackface?" at some point. [Us Weekly]

Oh dear. Zac Efron has fallen and hurt himself. The chiseled boy-god apparently slipped on a puddle at his Los Angeles home and broke his jaw, which is now wired shut. He also received stitches on his head for a gash. Jeez. That must have been some puddle. Ack, poor guy. I doubt having your jaw wired shut is a day at the beach. Though, think of all the weight you'd lose! No solid foods for, what, weeks and weeks? You'd be a size two by Christmas. Not that that's exactly the look that muscle-prince Zac Efron is after, but it's something to think about. Anyway, hope he gets better soon. And that he avoids puddles! And, y'know, anything that might have made him more susceptible to, um, slipping on them. Just anything that might make a person more likely to slip... on... puddles. Best to avoid anything like that, too. [People]

Another day, another celebrity saying that really they're such a normal, no-frills homebody. The latest is Miley Cyrus, who made a musical comeback with a song that's literally about how she won't stop partying, but now saying "I tell people who think that I’m really cool ‘by the way I’m super lame. What you read about me, it sounds like all I do is club and go and party with Terry Richardson, but really I’m like the lamest, I never leave my house because I’m a complete hermit." Huh. OK. So, does that mean the song is a lie or this latest quote is a lie? Or that the truth lives somewhere in between? Maybe she has crazy parties all the time, but at her house. So technically, yes, she's home all the time, but Terry and the gang are there too. That could be it. Whatever the case, she needn't feel compelled to explain or qualify her life. You like to go out a lot, hey, do you, just be careful. Want to stay in? Great, welcome to the couch. But all this sorta posturing, either as a party god or a totally just-like-us Scandal-watching nerd, is a little silly. Just be yourself! Believe in yourself! And you can achieve your dreams. [Us Weekly]

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are totes back on as a couple. They were spotted on the red carpet together for the London premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Lawrence's documentary series about one community's extreme charter school selection process. So isn't that cute?? They seem like a nice pair of kids. I realize that J.Law's aw-shucks, farts 'n' burps routine is just as much a routine as, say, Lea Michele's whole "Who me?? Well, OK..." shtick, but it's a likable routine, at least. And who knows about Hoult? Seems fine. The point is, they seem like decent folks, and "decent" is about as good as you can hope for in the briny, sweaty dungeon nightclub that is young Hollywood. So, enjoy each other, you two! Have a laugh, have a drink, whatever. We're rootin' for ya. Creepily, from home, alone, always watching. [Daily Mail]

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