Kevin Spacey Bought Woody Allen a Netflix Subscription

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Today in casting new: Kevin Spacey sent Woody Allen a Netflix subscription in the hopes of getting cast in one of his movies, and Ed Harris will star in a movie as an abolitionist.

Oh dear. Poor Kevin Spacey. The two-time Oscar-winner wants to be in a Woody Allen movie real, real bad, but despite how famous and successful he is, Allen just won't put him in one of his dumb movies. So Spacey figured he'd change all that by getting Allen to watch him in House of Cards. Meaning he sent Mr. Allen a note introducing himself and included a subscription to Netflix so Mr. Allen could watch the show. Which is a few things. First, it is of course a little sad that Kevin Spacey is both doing that and admitting to doing that. Obviously it is that. But second, it's a little presumptuous, don't you think? Woodrow Allen is a connoisseur of the cinema, and he lives in America in the year 2013. How do we know he doesn't already have Netflix? So it's presumptuous in that simple way, but it's also presumptuous to think that Allen hasn't seen his work. Oh that's all it must be. He hasn't seen me do my thing. Maybe he has seen your thing, Mr. Spacey. Maybe he's seen more of your thing than all the lads in Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park combined. And maybe he just doesn't like it! That's a distinct possibility. So it was presumptuous. The result? Apparently Woody said thanks for the subscription and now Spacey will be considered for future roles. Which, great, glad it worked out. But watch Kevin Spacey's Woody Allen movie be, like, Anything Else instead of Blue Jasmine. The odds are 50/50 there. Be careful, Kevin. Be really really careful. And maybe just talk to your agent next time? [The Wrap]

Giancarlo Esposito, perhaps best known as Breaking Bad's Gus Fring, is also a film director, and he's currently lining up his next project. He will direct a movie called Patriotic Treason, starring Ed Harris as abolitionist John Brown. He's the guy who led an unsuccessful raid on an armory in Harpers Ferry in the hopes of starting a slave rebellion but ended up captured and hanged instead. So that is a very interesting topic! And, y'know, has some exciting action-y stuff in there at the end. Just one complaint: That title. That terrible, terrible title. It sounds like what a junior in college titles a term paper. Or, y'know, what biographer Evan Carton would call his 2006 book, on which the film is based. But still! It's a super corny title for a movie. Why not just John Brown? That's fine. Go with that. [Deadline]

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HBO is developing a series that would have Laurence Fishburne starring as Socrates Fortlow, the ex-con trying to make good in a series of novels by crime writer Walter Mosley. Fishburne has played the character before, in HBO's 1998 adaptation of Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned, and now is revisiting the role fifteen years later. That sounds perfect. Laurence Fishburne in a crime series for HBO based on stuff that Walter Mosley (Devil in a Blue Dress) wrote. That all fits together quite well, I think. And just imagine, Larry! To be on a crime show that isn't on CBS! What freedom! What joy! Hope this happens. [Deadline]

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