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After spending nearly two decades on television, entering your home on broadcast news, Katie Couric is planning to depart for the Internet. AllThingsD reports Katie Couric officially has a new job, and a new show with Yahoo!, where she'll abandon the world of network television for a digital frontier. The deal will likely be announced on Monday

On Friday, The Hollywood Reporter said Couric was negotiating an exit package with ABC News that would end her deal, which included a wide-range of roles for Couric and a boatload of cash, after slightly less than three years. Previously Couric, one of the most charming, recognizable faces in news, did time with NBC and CBS too. At Yahoo! she'll be the "global news anchor," whatever that means, with a regular talk show that will only be found on the Yahoo! front page. The New York Times ' Bill Carter says it's an "as-yet-undefined" role. Couric's title sounds as bloated and meaningless as whatever Alicia Keys did for Blackberry

The New York Daily News points out Couric already has a side deal with Yahoo! to air clips from Katie, her almost-certainly doomed daytime talk show concluding its second season soon, on the site. ABC executives will evaluate the show in December and decide whether it's worth continuing. If Katie does get cancelled, Couric for the first time will have no role on television. She'll be exclusively available online. 

The move is a bold one for Couric. She's been a stalwart on the broadcast news scene for over 20 years. Seeing her decamp for the Internet, where advertisers fight for attention from younger users, is a little surprising. Internet TV isn't exactly a tried and true medium, and Couric's name doesn't carry any digital weight. But Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer successfully convinced the veteran broadcaster the show can work with the company's expanding digital efforts. We'll see how it goes.

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