Justin Bieber Did Not Meet the President of Mexico

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Today in celebrity gossip news: Justin Bieber made an international mistake, Duchess Kate has an update on Prince George, and Jennifer Lawrence wore a dress.

Justin Bieber said he met the president of Mexico, but Justin Bieber did not meet the president of Mexico. So what happened? Did Justin Bieber lie about meeting the president of Mexico? Well, yes and no. This is the story: Justin Bieber went to Mexico and was met by a throng of people. His people told him that some of the people he was meeting were the president of Mexico and his family. So later he tweeted, "just met some amazing mexican beliebers and the presidente of mexico and his familia." He said he met the presidente of Mexico because he met some people and understood one of them to be the president of Mexico, and his familia. But then the president of Mexico tweeted, "La @Presidenciamx desmiente reunión del Titular del Ejecutivo @EPN con el cantante @justinbieber." Which basically means that the president denies ever meeting Bieber. Oops! Embarrassing! So you see how Justin Bieber didn't lie but also sorta did lie? Like, a lie of assumption? This kid is whisked around to so many places and shakes hands with so many random adults that when vaguely told that someone in the crowd was the president of Mexico, and that other someones in the crowd were his family, Bieber figured he'd tweet and say he met them, even though there was never a conversation along the lines of, "Hello Justin, I am the president of Mexico. And this is my family." That never happened. So basically Justin Bieber never got confirmation on the anecdote before he tweeted it out. Which was his mistake. I guess he meant well, but you really should make sure that you actually met the president of Mexico, and his family, before you say that you met the president of Mexico and/or his family. That's all. It's OK, Justin. No one's angry. But be more careful next time. [TMZ]

Breaking: Parent Says Child Is "Growing Up Fast." OK, yes, that's normally not a big story, that happens nigh on about every day, in many languages, I'm sure. But this is news today because Duchess Kate, future queen of Blessed Britain and its Occupied Lands Beyond-the-Sea, is the one who said it. Kate was visiting a London charity at the time, and someone presented her with the gift of a onesie — for the baby! Not for her! — and that's when she said the thing about Prince George. The person who gave her the onesie, by the way, was a criminal, as the charity in question is some sort of criminal rehabilitation program. Which of course Kate and King William will do away with the minute they're on the throne, sending all criminals to the mines in the north or to watery graves in the south as their first royal act. But for now, Kate was gracious and said the onesie would be a good fit and then said that Prince George Alexander Louis, Future Conqueror of Normandy, is "growing up fast." So that's that. Well almost that. When the quote hit the Internet this afternoon in England, Kate got a phone call from a number she knows all too well of late. "Saw the charity story," the low, purring voice on the other end said. "I'm looking at this picture of you and, y'know, something else is growing fast..." Kate suppressed a smile and said, "Harry, I'm hanging up now." But she didn't hang up right away. She hesitated, long enough for Harry to say, simply, "Later?" Kate swallowed, closed her eyes, breathed deep, and then said a quick "Yes, later," before hanging up and hurrying out of the ladies room to meet all the people waiting for her in the hallway, who would whisk her off to whatever it was she was supposed to be doing. [Us Weekly]

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Jennifer Lawrence wore a wild dress to the Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere in Los Angeles last night. It was basically an old-timey bathing suit, like from the 1940s maybe, with just some mesh over it. See-through mesh. So she was mostly wearing a bathing suit and high heels, only with a hint of fabric making it a "dress." I don't mean to say that derisively, it looks nice, it's just the best description of the garment that I can muster. I don't know, I didn't go to fashion school. I tried, but they kicked me out for showing up to Karl Lagerfeld's dorm (he was taking some refresher courses) one night with an angry torch-carrying mob behind me and saying, "We're here to send you back to Hell, monster!" That was the end of my fashion career, so I'm sorry I can't better describe the dress. Oh well. I tried. That's what counts, right? Anyway, go see Catching Fire. It's good. [Daily Mail]

The little boy from the PBS documentary series Wizards of Waverly Place is in some automotive trouble. Or, I mean, it's legal trouble, but it's legal trouble involving a car. His Audi was in a hit and run last night. And not just any hit and run. The Audi slammed into three parked cars, the passengers then got out, called a cab, and went home. Oh and a bottle of vodka was thrown out of the window after the collision. The little boy in question, named Jake T. Austin, has been in DUI trouble before, suggesting a pattern of bad roadway behavior. Because the police didn't find out whose car it was until the morning, they can't prove the kid was drunk (or necessarily that he was the driver), but it doesn't look good. Sigh. He's 18 years old. Remove all children from Los Angeles, immediately. [TMZ]

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