Jon Stewart Isn't Laughing at Time's Chris Christie Cover

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It's been kind of a bad few weeks for media accountability. First there was the 60 Minutes Benghazi interview with Dylan Davies which had to be retracted. "If you cannot trust an international mercenary existing in the netherworld twixt assassin and bounty hunter, whose very livelihood is predicated on the flexible morality needed to survive in the chaos and lawlessness of failed nations — who can you trust?" Jon Stewart said. "It's like finding out Santa isn't real."

But even if 60 Minutes' apology wasn't satisfactory, at least they admitted they were wrong. Time magazine is standing behind their Chris Christie, "Elephant in the Room" cover. It's funny because he's fat, get it? "That must have given your readers a good laugh, whether they encountered your magazine while waiting to see a gastroenterologist or using their grandparent's bathroom," Stewart said. Still, he gave them credit for toning it down from the "original" cover version to the left. "That's not even a play on words. There's nothing even really clever about it." 

Time editor Radhika Jones said it was just a figure of speech. "'All we did was blow up a giant picture of Chris Christie's head in profile, lips agape as if beggin' to be hot dogged, and we juxtaposed that with the largest land mammal in existence,'" Stewart said, mocking her. "'If you interpret that as a fat joke then that is on you.'" And other editors, during interviews, repeating the big guy talk and referring to his size over and over. "That's not an apology, you're doubling down on him. I mean, 'he's a huge figure, his influence in comically oversized, he is morbidly important,' that's what we are saying.

Well, two can play that game. "The cover of Daily Show magazine this week is a figure of speech, about how Time processes information, digests it, and then leaves its insights to its readers to pick through," Stewart said. 



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