Jimmy Fallon Wants The Pope to Guest on 'The Tonight Show'

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You could say that Pope Francis and Jimmy Fallon have something in common, both bringing their old fashioned jobs (leader of the Catholic Church, late night host) into the modern era by both displaying social media savvy. But would the Pope go on The Tonight Show when Fallon takes over? That's what the ascending host is hoping. 

In an interview with Bill Carter of the New York Times about his upcoming transition from Late Night to The Tonight Show, Fallon revealed he has three dream guests for his February 17 debut: President Obama (with whom Fallon has already slow jammed the news), Hillary Clinton, or Pope Francis. "I just want to see what he’s all about," Fallon said. "I like that guy. I think he’s good. It’s a good idea. He’s on Twitter. Maybe I could send him a direct message: #The 'Tonight' show." (Probaby #TheTonightShow is better, New York Times copy editors.) 

Though the Pope would be a huge (and probably unlikely) coup for Fallon, despite their mutual interest in selfies, he did say that he knows who the first guest on his show will be, "kind of." Other world religious leaders looking to steal the Pope's thunder: your window is closing.


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