James Franco and Seth Rogen Made the 'Bound 2' Parody We Deserve

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James Franco and Seth Rogen are close. We know this because they just made a video comparing their love to the love of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. 

And what bond in the universe is greater than theirs? None, I say. Last week, West released the video for "Bound 2," his latest single from Yeezus, in which he dresses like a lumberjack and makes sweet, simulated love with Kardashian, his wife and the mother of his child, while she's naked in his lap. They ride a motorcycle together. There's clip art playing on a green screen in the background. 

So thankfully, Rogen and Franco have come along with "Bound 3," the parody video this song richly deserves. Franco plays the Kanye part, all brooding and stunting in multiple layers of flannel, while Rogen is relegated to the vogueing Kardashian role, wearing nothing more than his impressive back hair. They match the real video nearly shot-for-shot, and even come together for an intimate smooch at the end.

Here's Kanye so you can compare:

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