'The Hobbit' Trailer: Three Minutes of Fire, Dwarves, and a Dragon

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Warner Bros. released a three minute trailer for the second film in its The Hobbit trilogy yesterday evening, following an elaborate, world-wide fan event. And while it's still unclear why The Hobbit had to be three films—or whether this film is going to be a mess like the first one—the trailer makes it clear that, as is Peter Jackson's wont, there will be plenty of spectacle. And it'll probably make a ton of money.

This trailer focuses primarily on the film's dwarves and their quest to reclaim their homeland. There's even dwarf poetry! Beyond the dwarfs, we get a flash of the Eye of Sauron (familiar from The Lord of the Rings movies), scary spiders, some sexy elves, and—at the end—Benedict Cumberbatch's titular snarling dragon. 

The trailers have so far have made this film look busy and hard-to-follow, but there are about a billion reasons to assume that won't matter when it opens, on December 13. 

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