The Hilarious Boston Ladies of 'The Heat' Are Getting a Spinoff

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The two women who were one of the best parts of The Heat are getting a spinoff—and, no, they aren't Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. (Though, they were obviously also great.) 

Paul Feig is continuing his trend of backing women-centric comedies by developing a project about Beth and Gina, played by Jamie Denbo and Jessica Chaffin. Beth and Gina made a huge impression on the cop comedy as the trashy girlfriends of Melissa McCarthy's character's brothers. According to Mike Fleming Jr. at Deadline, who broke the news, their spinoff does not preclude a sequel to the movie. 

Denbo and Chaffin are a comedic pair whose origins go back to the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York. Feig directed a pilot for Showtime featuring Denbo and Chaffin as their characters Ronna and Beverly, two 50-something Jewish mothers from Boston. Though the pilot never resulted in a series, they've taken their characters overseas to do a Sky Atlantic talk show. (Watch them harass Jon Hamm here.) Feig brought them on to The Heat. "When he got The Heat, he called us because he knows Boston is our thing. We basically either play Jewish mothers or we play Boston scumbags, nothing in the middle," Chaffin said in an interview with Xfinity. "And they were looking for two girls to play sort of scummy Boston characters."  

It ended up being a great call. Denbo and Chaffin were hilarious in the movie (do yourselves a favor and check out the extras on the BluRay for lots more Gina and Beth), and we can only hope they hit the mark again in this movie. Watch the infamous dinner table scene from The Heat here. 

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