HBO's 'Looking' Is Looking for Love

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He's in a different city and, well, is a guy, but Jonathan Groff's Patrick in HBO's Looking has some familiar problems: he's having trouble finding the right guy. 

So goes the latest trailer for HBO's Looking, described as the "gay Girls." That description, as we've said before, is likely not at all fair, but the first real look we have at the series doesn't really do anything to dissuade that. Here are three middle-class guys trying to find fulfillment against the backdrop of an iconic—if not as iconic—city. The trailer sets up the dynamic between the three friends: there's the single guy looking for love, the older guy looking for ... something, and the guy in an open relationship because it's 2013 and you really ought to expand your narrow-minded perceptions about relationships, you know? There's also modern technology savvy here: Patrick gets caught looking for a "roommate" on OkCupid. 

We'll see how this goes in January. 

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