HBO's 'Looking' Gets Groovy First Teaser

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The first teaser for HBO's Looking doesn't give us much information about the show—there are a lot of handsome guys and some groovy music—but it's the first glance we have at a show sure to be the source of much discussion come January. 

The show stars, among others, Glee's Jonathan Groff, and it focuses on a group of gay male friends in San Francisco. It has already been deemed "gay Girls," because of its focus on the real lives young people in a city in the present day. Starting in January it will air right after Girls, so get your think piece hats on, because it's going to be a busy winter. 

Ideally, the show wouldn't be seen through the prism of Girls in the first place, as its pedigree implies it's more than just a copycat. It is being executive-produced and directed by Andrew Haigh, who wrote and directed Weekend, the indie about two men who have a fleeting but profound relationship that got rave reviews two years ago. 

You can learn a little more about the show—and get more than a passing look at its stars—via the show's Instagram

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