HBO Is Getting in the F. Scott Fitzgerald Business

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Nearly 40 years after Elia Kazan tried his hand at adapting F. Scott Fitzgerald's unfinished Hollywood novel The Last Tycoon, HBO is giving it a try—as a TV series. 

The Last Tycoon—or rather, The Love of the Last Tycoon—is Fitzgerald's tale of a young man based on the real life Irving Thalberg rising to power in early Hollywood. Set to turn it into serial TV is Billy Ray, who wrote the screenplays for Captain Phillips and the first Hunger Games,  and wrote and directed Shattered Glass and Breach. Per Nellie Andreeva at Deadline the project was a hot property, with five networks interested in it. 

So can TV finish what Fitzgerald started? If this lasts more than one season, it will almost certainly diverge from Fitzgerald's work. In fact, it's described as a "new take" on the novel, according to The Hollywood ReporterEven so, 1930s Hollywood would certainly be an interesting world to enter once a week, and a wunderkind male protagonist like Fitzgerald's Monroe Stahr certainly fits in with the crop of cable TV heroes. 

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