'Girls' Season 3 Trailer: How Fast Can We Make You Hate Marnie?

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Girls a.k.a. HBO and Lena Dunham's exquisite, slow-cooked revenge plot on Brian and Allison Williams, has released the trailer for its third season. Dunham doesn't disappoint — in the nine seconds we saw of Marnie in season three, we would already trade Marnie for a rash. 

While Dunham says her narrative of Girls is about following the trials and tribulations of what it's like to be a young woman in New York City, Girls, at its core, is really a wondrous plot in a bigger blood feud against the Williams family, and a quest to show America that it's possible to hate people with perfect hair. There's no other explanation for why Marnie, for the past two seasons, has been the most disliked human on television. Mind you, the world of television encompasses murderers, Real Housewives, and the Honey Boo Boo scions. 

Dunham has truly perfected the bait-and-switch on Williams, and on America. 

Not content with making Marnie/Williams sing Kanye West last season, Dunham, the puppeteer, is back to her old tricks. Have a look: 

Marnie says she's okay. Obviously, this is a Dunham plot to make her seem dishonest. Because people who are okay don't shadowbox the air, run up and down a street like Broadway instead of the West Side Highway, and talk about how they're "okay" while they drink wine in bed. So Marnie is a liar. A damaged liar. 

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As for the rest of the "girls", they seems to be doing okay. Shoshana is talking fast and still broken up over that older man who's not Elton from Clueless. Hannah is talking about herself again and is on the verge of tears (again). So is Jessa, but it doesn't seem like anyone's listening, nor is she on the verge of tears.

The boys are back to their old tricks too: Adam is shirtless. Elijah is smiling. Not-Elton Ray is talking to everybody like he knows something about life even though he's barely more evolved than Hannah.

And diversity— there's been a knock on this show for not featuring any minorities in the city of New York.  From the trailer, there seems to be at least three two* black people in season three. One is seen drinking with Dunham. The other appear to be her coworker. 

Also, Dunham appears to have a therapist (or therapist-like person). Race indeterminate. Also, it is against this show's best interest to have this man be competent at his job. Part of the allure of Girls is that its characters don't figure out their problems. 

It won't be long now until we see chapter three of Dunham's plot as Girls will be back on the air on January 12. And, oh right, here's the catchy song you won't be able to get out of your heads:

*Update 3:25 p.m.: There's some debate on how many different black women appear in the trailer. The first and third women are apparently actress and Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams. The trailer scoots by so quick, I thought they might be different characters. 

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