'Ghost' Is in The Process of Becoming a TV Show

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Paramount is trying to turn the movie Ghost into a TV show—imagine if the opening credits each week were just the pottery scene?

Though not attached to any network yet, Whitney Friedlander of Variety reports, that the studio has enlisted Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner, both Fringe veterans, to write the pilot. Goldsman won an Oscar for his A Beautiful Mind screenplay, and wrote and directed the upcoming adaptation of Winter's Tale, which looks all lovey dovey judging from the most recent trailer

Though it's not a reboot of a classic (Murder, She Wrote) or not-so-classic (Charmed) TV show, it's yet another item on this year's development slate that seems to prove that Hollywood has no new ideas. Right now, it's very unclear what a Ghost TV show would look like, especially since we don't know whether it will end up on cable or network television. Perhaps it becomes a procedural? Each week, Sam and Oda Mae solve a different instance of Wall St. malfeasance? Who knows!

We just hope they take our idea for the opening credits.

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