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Anchorman 2 promotional materials have now perhaps jumped the shark: Emerson College is renaming its School of Communication for one day to honor the fake news anchor. 

To correspond with a press conference and screening of the sequel on December 4, Emerson College will have the Ron Burgundy School of Communication, where we assume they will teach vital lessons about classy sign offs and scotch. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Emerson president Lee Pelton said that Burgundy "understands the power of media, as well as hairspray, firsthand." Sounds like a very good reason to let your serious institution serve as an advertisement for a movie. 

We've been concerned about Ron Burgundy fatigue for a while, and as Ron inches his way into supposedly serious institutions, we fear that might only grow. His exhibit at the Newseum in D.C. is now open, though that one may be for the best if he can help save the struggling institution, as The Washington Post's Lonnae O’Neal Parker and Katherine Boyle say is the hope of that endeavor. 

Of course, high-minded public-service concerns aside, there's also a movie tie-in with Jockey underwear

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