Don Cheadle Will Be Cool as Miles Davis

Today in casting news: Don Cheadle is going to play a jazz legend, Tim Gunn gets his own show (again), and a mini Friends reunion is in the works.

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Today in casting news: Don Cheadle is going to play a jazz legend, Tim Gunn gets his own show (again), and a mini Friends reunion is in the works.

Don Cheadle is set to play jazz musician/coolest man who ever lived Miles Davis in a new biopic. Cheadle also co-wrote and will direct the film, which is called Kill the Trumpet Player. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie "centers on a few dangerous days in the life of Miles Davis, as he bursts out of his silent period and conspires with a Rolling Stone writer to steal back his music." That writer will be played by Ewan McGregor, while Zoe Saldana has been cast as a particularly sexy, sultry musical note that comes out of Miles's trumpet one day. No, just kidding, she will be playing an actual human, but it's not clear who. She's doing a Nina Simone biopic, so maybe she will be Nina Simone in this one too? The point is, Don Cheadle is a great actor and will undoubtedly do a great job here, though at 48 he may be a little old depending on the time period of the film. Ah well, that's a small quibble. This is good news! May Don Cheadle finally win an Oscar? It'd be about time. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Because he doesn't already have enough jobs, Tim Gunn, known as the James Franco of the fashion world, will host his own Lifetime reality competition series, called Under the Gunn. (See, that's a play on words, since "under the gun" is an expression meaning operating under a lot of pressure, but Gunn is Tim Gunn's last name. Get it? It's not a sex thing, so let's just stop that speculation right darn now.) The show's premise is sort of complicated so let's let Deadline describe it for us, shall we? We shall:

On Under The Gunn, Runway alumni Mondo Guerra, Anya Ayoung-Chee and Nick Verreos will be tasked with mentoring and managing a fashion empire with 15 new up-and-coming designers under their watch. Each mentor will have a team of designers they must manage, coach, cheerlead and, when necessary, knock down with tough love in order to lead them to runway success in front of the judges, designer Rachel Roy, celebrity stylist Jen Rade, and fashion correspondent Zanna Roberts Rassi. As designers are whittled down during the season, one designer and one mentor will be deemed the winners of Under The Gunn.

Sounds great! Sort of like a fashion version of The X Factor, almost maybe kinda who knows I've never watched The X Factor? Whatever it is, I will watch it. For Tim, for Nick, for Mondo, for Rachel, for everyone. Also I can't wait for the second season, when Tim does the same thing with Italian designers and the show is called Under the Tuscan Gunn. [Deadline]

She's had Aniston and Kudrow, and now she's having Perry. On her show! On her show. Jeez. It's always right to the sex stuff with you people. Anyway, I'm talking about Courteney Cox and I'm talking about Cougar Town. Matthew Perry will be guest-starring on an episode of the TBS sitcom, playing an as-yet-unannounced role. So that should be fun. More fun than guest-starring on Dirt, anyway. Now all Cox has to get is LeBlanc and Scwhimmer, and she'll have had 'em all. On the show, I mean. (But also in the sex way maybe? They were really close and together all the time for ten years...) Then she can start on the lesser characters, the Gunthers and the Janices, until she's gotten all the way to Fun Bobby and Cougar Town can end, having lived its life to the fullest. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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