Disney Is Working to Bring 'The Princess Bride' to the Stage

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A musical of The Princess Bride practically writes itself—the romantic ballad "As You Wish," the "Inconceivable" patter song, the second act production number "You Killed My Father, Prepare to Die"—but it's never happened. Disney now wants to rectify that. Or at least turn it into a play. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter's David Rooney, Disney has announced that they are going to collaborate with author William Goldman on a stage version of his story, which resulted in the iconic Rob Reiner film. Of note is the fact that Rooney reports that there has been no decision as to whether the show will be a musical or a straight play, but, really, how could it not be a musical? 

A musical version has been attempted before. Goldman partnered with Adam Guettel, best known for The Light in the Piazza, on an adaptation, but he and Goldman reportedly had a falling out and the show never came to fruition. 

As we mentioned above, The Princess Bride lends itself to the stage, and to a musical especially, so we're tentatively excited by this prospect. (Our dream is for Mandy Patinkin to reprise his role as Inigo Montoya, this time using his angelic singing voice, but he's probably too old.) That said, a lavish musical is still a risky endeavor. Just this weekend, the musical adaptation of Big Fish—which cost $14 million—announced it would be closing early December 29

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