David Letterman's Ken Burns-Style Rob Ford Documentary Deserves an Emmy

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Late Wednesday evening, under the cover of holiday cheer, Jennifer Lawrence admitted to the world, "Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine." Of course, she was only repeating the now infamous press conference where Toronto mayor Rob Ford finally admitted his proclivity for the rock after months and months of accusations. 

David Letterman rounded up an impressive lineup of famous people to read a selection of Ford's most quotable moments from the last few months, including the crack admission, and the wonderfully loaded lines about, well, snorting lines and hookers all the other unseemly things he's been accused of doing, in the style of a Ken Burns documentary. Jennifer Lawrence (!), Martha Stewart (!!), Vince Vaughn, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jonah Hill all share some of Ford's best moments, as if they were the surviving Presidents reading the Gettysburg address, complete with the green screened Presidential library backdrops. This is art, people, and it deserves your attention. 

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