The Daily Show Asks Rob Ford's Supporters If They're On Crack

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Having not yet tired of chronicling Toronto mayor Rob Ford's increasingly bizarre antics, The Daily Show launched an inspired new segment last night: "This Just In: The Crack-Smoking Mayor of Toronto Has Just Done It Again." So, after learning that five (out of 41) members of the Toronto city council voted not to strip Ford of his powers, correspondent Jessica Williams decided to investigate: she trekked up to Toronto, "the most annoyingly polite place on earth," to ask Ford's supporters what they were possibly thinking.

"Why did you vote against that motion?" she demanded of gentlemanly councilman John Parker. "Were you on crack as well?" Turns out he feared the motion didn't go far enough: "If you look at  the motion in its parts, it invites him to leave—that's the good part—and then it invites him to come back," Parker explained. "That's the part I couldn't tolerate." Williams kindly informed him that his democracy is "more like a puss-ocracy," complaining that "nobody has the balls to do something around here."

Another Toronto resident, stopped on the street, was more forgiving of Ford, proclaiming him "the most fiscally responsible mayor we've had in Toronto since I've been alive." "Was it weird to say 'Rob Ford' and 'responsible' in the same sentence just now?" Williams asked him. It wasn't, so she quizzed him on whether or not he could tell Rob Ford and Charlie Sheen quotes apart. (He performed fairly well.) 

"Reelect Rob Ford!" Williams concluded, proposing a new campaign slogan: "That hood-rat shit's in the past."

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