'Mission: Impossible 5' Release Date: Christmas 2015 Is All About J.J. Abrams

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J.J. Abrams will have a very merry—and probably very lucrative—Christmas come 2015: Not only is his Star Wars due to come out a week before the holiday, but on Christmas Day, Mission: Impossible 5 will arrive.

Now, as Alex Stedman of Variety reports, Abrams is only a producer on Mission: Impossible 5, but it's another franchise he's deeply invested in, having revived it in 2006 with Mission: Impossible III. This installment, however, is set to be directed by The Usual Suspects writer and Jack Reacher director Christopher McQuarrie, who recently helped pen Tom Cruise's upcoming The Edge of Tomorrow

News of Mission: Impossible 5's release date adds to the onslaught of franchise films coming down the pipeline in 2015, but is perhaps most remarkable for pitting J.J.Abrams against J.J. Abrams at the Christmas box office. Still, with franchises as storied as both Star Wars and Mission: Impossible, it's hard to see Abrams as anything but a winner, at least when it comes to his bank account. 

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