'Catching Fire' Lights Up the Box Office

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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where we're ready to accept Jennifer Lawrence as our new lord and savior. 

1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Lionsgate): $161 million in 4,163 theaters

Katniss Everdeen broke all the records. At least, she broke the records available to her. Catching Fire is now the biggest November opening ever, besting Twilight, and fourth on the all-time opening weekends ever. That feat is especially impressive considering Hunger Games doesn't rely on 3-D ticket prices to bloat totals. 

2. Thor: The Dark World (Beuna Vista): $14 million in 3,713 theaters [Week 3]

Consider this: Thor, the two-week reigning box office champion, has only grossed $8 million more than Catching Fire domestically. That's how big Catching Fire's opening weekend was. Not to diminish Thor's achievements as a steady, reliable franchise, but it's not even in the same league. Few movies are.

3. The Best Man Holiday (Universal): $12.5 million in 2,041 theaters [Week 2]

Soon there will be a Best Man movie for specific holidays, not just the vague concept of a holiday. Let's throw around some new ideas: The Best Man Christmas, The Best Man Easter, The Best Man Father's Day, The Best Man President's Day, The Best Man Talk Like a Pirate Day. There's an endless well of material to draw from.

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4. Delivery Man (Beuna Vista): $8.2 million in 3,036 theaters

Let's watch Swingers again and forget Vince Vaugh's twilight years never happened? Glad we could all come to an agreement. Everything after, say, Four Christmases should be burned forever. Over at Deadspin, Will Lietch tried to determine where everything went wrong. 

5. Free Birds (Relativity): $5.3 million in 3,071 theaters [Week 3]

This is the last week for Lynyrd Skynyrd jokes. Goodbye forever, tyrryble  Lynyrd Skynyrd jokes. 

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