The Best Tweets of All Time, According to Us

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If you are bored at the airport right now, thanks to America's faltering infrastructure and terrible weather, or if you want something to look at / laugh at / refer bafflingly to tomorrow night at Thanksgiving dinner, here you go: The best tweets that have been created as of November 27, 2013, as selected by The Wire and Various People We Know. 

"What is your favorite tweet" is, for Twitter users, a surprisingly hard question to answer. Twitter's so-called "favorite" tool doesn't help, allowing, as it does, an infinite number of favorites. So actual favorites need something special, maybe some context, maybe something else to really stand out.

Take my favorite tweet. It is this, written just as Massachusetts police had surrounded Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in that suburban back yard.

This is a good tweet; if you are writing tweets, aim for this. Topical, funny, and, yes, an incisive look at the nature of police work and also boat trailers.

Here is how other people answered that same question.

Favorite tweets of non-Wire people

Caitlin Kelly, senior web producer at The New Yorker

Max Read, deputy editor

Margarita Noriega, Editor-in-Charge of Reuters Live News

Alex Pareene, columnist

Ryan Woodsmall, self-described "professional idiot"

Josh Fruhlinger, freelance writer and editor
Context: This is about the McDonald's anthem "Mac Tonight."

Jen Doll, author of Save the Date

Jess Zimmerman, Grist List editor

Matt Novak, editor of Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog

Darth, internet celebrity

The Wire staff's favorite tweets

Elle Reeve

Richard Lawson

Danielle Wiener-Bronner
Context: Perhaps unaware of the full context of that first sentence.

Esther Zuckerman

Zach Schonfeld

Abby Ohlheiser
Context:  Back in 2009, early Twitter adopter Stephen Fry was trapped in a crowded elevator, and livetweeted the whole thing. He even took a photo of his fellow travelers.

Joe Reid

Allie Jones

Brian Feldman

Alex Abad-Santos

Arit John
Context: Earlier this summer Vanity Fair published "40 Signs You Are a BuzzFeed Writer Running Out of List Ideas." If you're at BuzzFeed (unofficial motto: #nohaters), this is probably the best way to respond.

Gabriel Snyder

Eric Levenson

And, the classic:

Dashiell Bennett

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