Alec Baldwin Does These Things Because He Can

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Today in Alec Baldwin Just Might Have An Anger Problem news, the 30 Rock star-turned-serious-talk-show-host lashed out at yet another photographer, calling him either a "cocksucking fag" or "cocksucking fathead," depending on whose "acoustic analysis" you believe.

Most people are pretty sure he said the former, including GLAAD, even though the last time Baldwin got in trouble for using homophobic language, the organization was quick to defend him, despite a well-established history of using such slurs. Capital One continued to use him as its pitchman and MSNBC gave him his own show.

This policy of defending or ignoring the man seems to happen every time he goes on a rage bender. Aside from an SNL skit, a book, the end of his time as a regional supermarket commercial star, and the closure of a few Twitter accounts, Baldwin has been largely unaffected by consequences of his actions.

So, if you're wondering why he rarely apologizes, hasn't gone to anger management, and keeps doing this stuff again and again: aside from common decency, there's absolutely no reason for him not to. We'll just give him a pass and a TV show no matter what he does.

Maybe this time will be different, though so far neither MSNBC nor Capital One (both of which should know enough by now to have something prepared for the eventuality) have commented on his latest controversy. Just like last time.

Next on Up Late With Alec Baldwin, Ellen Barkin will be in the studio.

"It is my honor and joy to be among Alec's guests. Much respect to Alec and his crew," she tweeted.



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