Aaron Paul Goes to Work with Russell Crowe

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Today in casting news: Jesse Pinkman got a new job, a familiar face is headed to FX, and some Hawaii: Five-0 news for those of you who care about such things.

Breaking Bad is over and, if we're honest, Need for Speed just doesn't look that good, so we need a positive bit of Aaron Paul-related news. Might this be it? The actor has been cast alongside Russell Crowe and his old Big Love coworker Amanda Seyfried in the drama Fathers and Daughters. It's unclear whether Paul will be playing one of the fathers, or perhaps one of the daughters, as his role has not yet been identified. The story has Crowe struggling with mental problems and trying to raise his young daughter, and then Seyfried is the daughter 25 years later, all grown up and trying to come to terms with the past. The speculation is that Paul will be playing Seyfried's love interest, as he did on Big Love. But who knows! That's "Fathers" plural and "Daughters" plural in the title, so we may be dealing with more fathers, and more daughters. Maybe Paul is her love interest, but is also the father to a daughter himself? That'd be an interesting thing, a parallel of some kind, perhaps. Anyway, whatever the heck this crazy movie is about, Aaron Paul has scored some decent work, so good for him. [Variety]

David Bradley has been cast on FX's new vampires show The Strain. No, not the David Bradley who owns Atlantic Media. It's Filch. Filch from Harry Potter. Him. The guy who played Filch has been cast on the new FX vampire show. He was also on Broadchurch? You know him. Don't worry. When you see his face you'll go "Oh, right, duhhhh" and you'll slap yourself really hard on the head. But yes, he will play Professor Abraham Setrakian, a Holocaust survivor who knows what's going on with this breakout of an ancient strain of vampirism but no one's listening to him. The role was played by John Hurt in the pilot. John Hurt, who played Ollivander. In Harry Potter. He was originally in this role, but now he's not. Now it's Filch from Harry Potter, not Ollivander from Harry Potter. [Deadline]

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CBS's Hawaii Five-0 has upped actor Chi McBride to a series regular. So, Chi McBride is moving to Hawaii! I guess that's exciting. Nice weather, laid-back scene, Mai Tais and whatnot. But it's kind of isolated, Hawaii. All the way out there in the ocean like that. Not much to do once you're sick of surfing and doin' the hula, probably. Do they even have electricity? Well, wait, no, they must, how else would they be able to film Hawaii Five-0. But still. They're probably so far behind on movies and TV and stuff. "Hey, Chi! Aloha, man! Welcome to Ha-wah-ee! Can't wait to see The Terminal, dude!" "That movie came out nine years ago." "Not in Ha-wah-ee, my friend!"* Must be weird. Oh well. Congrats, Chi. Enjoy it. *I have never been to nor know nothing about the state of Hawaii. [Deadline]

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