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Ready to answer your mom's queries about who Billie Joe Armstrong is? The collaborative Armstrong/Norah Jones duet album, a tribute to the Everly Brothers' Songs Our Daddy Taught Us LP that's quirkily retitled Foreverly, is in fact actually happening, and we've now got further proof: the duo's rendition of Gene Autry's "Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine."

See, that's the tricky thing about covering the Everly Brothers. You're not really covering the Everly Brothers, in most cases—you're covering the standards and covers that the Everly Brothers covered. So it's the performance that's iconic, and here that's lost. Instead, we find the Green Day frontman crooning in uncomfortably high fashion in harmony with Norah Jones, set to an ambling, passable enough country groove. 

Who's the target audience here? Probably not longtime Green Day fans, who'll be put off by the schmaltziness no matter how much Green Day flirted with AOR on, say, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," nor the 13-year-olds just discovering Dookie for the first time. And Everly Brothers devotees may be turned off by the fact that, as Armstrong admits, these aren't obsessively faithful renditions. So that leaves Norah Jones' formidable fanbase—and don't doubt that they exist in massive number.

Anyway, Billie Joe Armstrong has had a tough year or two. Whatever makes him happy. Here's the track stream, via Rolling Stone:

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