Romanian Art Thief Wants to Sue Museum for Making Theft Too Easy

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Radu Dogaru is one of six Romanian art thieves on trial for one of the biggest art heists in the modern era. He admitted to stealing the art works, but is now claiming the museum made it too easy and wants to sue them for negligence. "I could not imagine that a museum would exhibit such valuable works with so little security," Dogaru told the Bucharest court on Tuesday, claiming that the Kunsthal museum's alarm system was not up par when he and his cohorts allegedly stole masterpieces by Gauguin, Monet, Picasso and others — seven in total — back in 2012.

Dogaru is threatening this lawsuit because if Rotterdam's Kunsthal museum is found guilty of negligence, they'll have to help split the millions in claims Dogaru is facing, the AFP reports. "We are considering hiring Dutch lawyers to start a legal case in The Netherlands or in Romania," his lawyer said. 

The millions in claims have to do with the seven missing masterpieces. Earlier this year, Dogaru's mother said she burned some of them, then retracted that statement. A separate investigation in trying to determine whether or not his mother burned those paintings to ash is still underway, though Dogaru swears they weren't destroyed. "The paintings were certainly not destroyed. I don't know where they are but I believe they have been sold," Dogaru told the court on Tuesday. The seven paintings are worth an estimated $24 million. 

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