Megyn Kelly Is Winning

Today in show business news: Megyn Kelly is a big hit at Fox, Agents of SHIELD may be in trouble soon, and Justin Timberlake is king of the music world.

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Today in show business news: Megyn Kelly is a big hit at Fox, Agents of SHIELD may be in trouble soon, and Justin Timberlake is king of the music world.

Longtime daytime Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly debuted her new primetime show, The Kelly File, on Monday night to strong ratings. But then last night? She doubled her 25-54 demographic ratings, and jumped 38 percent in total viewers, to 2.8 million. That's a huge jump, and right after a premiere no less, when things usually drop. So it would seem that Megyn Kelly, one of the slightly more moderate voices on the network, is a hit. She beat Piers Morgan and Rachel Maddow combined, and even did better than Bill O'Reilly. (And more importantly to me, she's doing better than Sean Hannity, who I'm sure is thrilled about that.) Who knows what it is about Kelly that's drawing people in, it might just be the newness factor, but if she keeps it up she could be the network's next phenomenon. Which is a much better option than the Glenn Becks and Sarah Palins of a couple years ago. Are the darkest days of Fox News behind them? Let's hope. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Elsewhere in last night's ratings, some troubling news. ABC's big, sure-to-be-hit Marvel's Agents of SHIELD dropped in the ratings for the second time since its premiere, down a half-point to a 2.8. That's still pretty strong, it even beat NCIS (not in total viewers, mind you), but it's not the kind of powerhouse number ABC was clearly planning on. What's going wrong? Is Joss Whedon's TV aesthetic too niche for the mainstream? That could be the case, though the show isn't that Joss Whedon-y. It's no Dollhouse, certainly. Maybe people just have Marvel fatigue, or maybe they were hoping for a Marvel show with actual, y'know, superheroes. Who's to say, but regardless of the reason, it is too bad. It's a fun show! Not the best thing you'll ever see, but a perfectly diverting Tuesday night of entertainment. Check it out. Be a hero. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Though much-maligned, Justin Timberlake's second album this year, The 20/20 Experience, 2 of 2, is the number one album in the country, moving some 350,000 copies. That's his second number-one album in 2013, a remarkable accomplishment not seen since, well, uh, earlier this year, with country singer Luke Bryan, who loves to sing about a damn party. I guess he and Justin have that in common. And America likes it. America likes to party! Who knew? [Billboard]

You'll be thrilled to know that the impending Angry Birds movie has a director. Well, two directors. One was the animation supervisor for Wreck-It Ralph, the other was a storyboard artist for Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. So, they've done some pretty decent stuff in the past. But this is still Angry Birds. A movie based on a cellphone game. That's still the raw material they have to work with. [Deadline]

Showtime is developing a comedy "with musical elements" about "a girl who upends her life to stalk an ex." It will be written by hot screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna, who wrote both the upcoming Annie and Cinderella. I like the idea of there being a musical on premium cable (sigh, the Smash that was supposed to be), but this sounds like kind of a frustrating premise. But, it's early yet. Things could change. Carry on, Hollywood. [Deadline]

Actor Billy Magnussen, a hunk, has had quite a ride the past four years, from The Beautiful Life: TBL casualty hunk, to soap opera hunk, to murdered hunk on Boardwalk Empire, to Tony-nominated Broadway hunk, and now to sleek prestige television hunk. He's been cast as a series regular on David Milch's HBO pilot The Money, about wealth and corruption in New York City. He'll play the favorite son of Brendan Gleeson's media mogul character. Good for Billy Magnussen! Look at him, making good in the world. He's not just a hunk anymore. He's an actor. Meanwhile, Mamie Gummer, Rosemary Harris, and Ray Liotta have been cast in recurring roles. (Oh, also the great theater actress Tracee Chimo is going to play a private eye, which is thrilling.) This is shaping up to be quite a show. Now hopefully it makes just a little more sense than John From Cincinnati and Luck. Just a tad. [Deadline]

Peter Dinklage has signed on to star in a comedy about a man who tells people he's a leprechaun. Aha. It's apparently in the Bad Santa vein, meaning rude and crude. So this could be good? And it's not my place to judge anyone for taking a role just because it, y'know, suits their particular parameters, but... Let's hope everyone's fully in on the joke here. I'm sure they will be. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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