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Lo did the Earth tremble on Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Mostly early Sunday morning. You see, both Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan ended up at the same Manhattan club, and not only were they in the same room together, they were actually hanging out, talking intimately and giving Harvey Levin a heart attack. Miley was at 1Oak with her friends EJ Johnson, fabulous son of Magic Johnson, and Andrew Warren, who styles himself as some sort of New York City socialite. Lindsay was there with dreadlocked Ralph Lauren model Morgan O'Connor and others. Eventually the two groups merged, after Lindsay "climbed over from her table next to the DJ booth." Oh god, Lindsay Lohan can climb on walls now? That's not good. Speaking of not good, it's unclear whether Lindsay was partaking, though hopefully she wasn't, as she's really not supposed to be. Whatever she was doing, the two girls were at the club together until 5 in the morning, and left together to go to church. Or, I dunno, back to someone's hotel. Who knows. Maybe they went to a soup kitchen. The point is, Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan hung out together, and everything was OK. No fights, no sloppy disasters, nothing bad happened except that all the hangers on surrounding them were bolstered by their proximity, now feeling a little more important and special because they were there. Right at the tables, when Miley and LiLo got together and talked about the grand state of the world and all the things that happen, mundane and miraculous, within it. [Page Six]

That celebrity Halloween party we heard about yesterday, the one hosted by Kate Hudson and her beau (some guy from some band — come at me, Twihards)? Turns out it was Game of Thrones-themed. Yup. According to Us Weekly, "the actress wore a furry crop top with matching fur boots, while her fiance dressed up as Kit Harington's Jon Snow from the show. To add to their party theme, the hosts built an enclosed winter world from Game of Thrones and a Patron ice bar." Haha, oh lord. Here's the thing about being a rich celebrity having a Halloween party: Yes, you can afford to have some "Patron ice bar" to represent the world of a TV show you like, but with all the scrappiness of a normal theme party lost, without the sort of implied joke that this is all jerry-rigged pretend, it all just seems rather silly, doesn't it? "And this is the full Patron ice bar, like with Jon beyond the wall. We spared no expense." "Oh. Wow. This is... You really went all-out here, huh? I'll just have a beer, I think." A bunch of grownups in expensive costumes (the expensive, elaborate costumes are really the most embarrassing thing about celebrity Halloween) all standing awkwardly around a Game of Thrones bar, everyone dressed funny. Stars are just like us, but in some cases just a little bit sillier. [Us Weekly]

So the Jonas Brothers are officially done as a group. Maybe not forever, but yeah, for the next few millennia, probably. There was some sort of "deep rift" in the group, though with only three people in the band I'd have to assume that "deep rift" means that one of them wanted out. And which one do you think that was? Was it Kevin? Oldest Kevin, with the junky reality show and the McMansion in New Jersey? Was it Joe, the middle one, the ambiguous one, the one with the scuttled, slightly embarrassing solo career? Or was it Nick, "the cute one," the youngest, with the somewhat more viable solo career and feasible side job as an actor? Who do you think it was? Which Jonas wanted out of the band that made him famous? You'll find your answer after the jump. (Remember "after the jump" as a phrase? Old days!) [People]

Katy Perry was on NPR recently, as an answer to a Will Shortz puzzle or something, and she lightly scolded her pop star peers for being naked all the time. Perry, who once filmed a music video in which whipped cream came shooting out of her boobs, thinks that other female pop stars, though she wouldn't name names, rely too much on sexiness to get noticed. "I'm just saying sometimes it's nice to play that card but also it's nice to play other cards. And I know I have that sexy card in my deck but I don't always have to use that card," said the singer. Which is fair. Though I'm not quite sure what other cards Katy Perry plays? I mean, she's not naked in the "Roar" video, but she is in a leopard-print bikini top and a short grass skirt. It's not like she's in a turtle neck and corduroys doing her thing. I don't know. Do you ever get the sense that Katy Perry wants to have her cake and eat it too? Or, like, do her sin but be pious too? It's not an uncommon contradiction, but I feel like she doesn't realize she's doing it. Which is kind of annoying. Eh. Whatever. It's Katy Perry. Who cares. [Us Weekly]

Kim Kardashian will be taking her husband's name when they are married. She won't be Kim West, though. She'll be Kim Kardashian West. Like Courteney Cox Arquette or Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. You know, those name changes that worked out so well. Will Kanye West become Kanye West Kardashian? No, no he will not. He'll just be Kanye West, as always. Which doesn't seem fair, does it? They should hyphenate or combine or something. Wardashian. ("Rebels stormed the Wardashian capital today in the wake of recent civil rights abuses.") Or Kwest. That's the most equitable way to solve this thing, guys. So please, as you always do, listen to me. [The Cut]

Chris Brown's felony assault charge from a punching incident in Washington D.C. this weekend has been reduced to a misdemeanor. He's out of the clink and is pleading not guilty. It's unclear if or how this will affect his probation. So... Punch on, I guess? [TMZ]

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