'The Daily Show' Wonders Why 26 States Didn't Expand Medicaid

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There are millions of Americans just above the poverty line who are too "rich" for Medicaid, but also don't make enough to qualify for tax subsidies under the Affordable Care Act. The federal government has offered to cover 100 percent of the cost of Medicaid expansion to cover those individuals over the next three years, but 26 states have declined. "It must be a pretty eclectic group with many different reasons to explain why they would turn down federal money to bring healthcare to their working poor," Jon Stewart said. "Or maybe there was just one reason." Like, all of those states have Republican governors and/or legislatures. 

That fact, Stewart said, "makes it really hard not to see this as just another example of that hit game show sweeping part of the nation What Do You Hate More: Poverty or Obama?" The show's brought to you by Spite, the emotion that makes you turn down money to help the poor "because you hate the president."

Of course, Texas governor Rick Perry didn't list spite as a reason for not expanding Medicaid. He compared it to putting a thousand people on the Titanic. "That's true," Stewart said, "if the Titanic had crashed into a hospital."


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