Anna Wintour's Daughter Gets Cool New Job

Today in celebrity gossip: Bee Shaffer has landed a sweet TV gig, Prince George's christening went swimmingly, and Kate Moss can't get into the U.S.

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Just in case you're out of work at the moment and can't find anything but brief and unsatisfying temp jobs, here is some reassuring news about the American job market: Anna Wintour's daughter, Bee Shaffer, has landed a job on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Isn't that great?? The 26-year-old will be a segment producer for the show, which begins this winter. Shaffer, a Columbia graduate, is leaving a job with Ryan Murphy's production company in Los Angeles. So. That is good to know, isn't it? If Bee Shaffer can do it, you can do it too! Right? She's had a struggle just like you have. Graduated from college, got a job as Ricky van Veen's assistant at CollegeHumor, probably because of her resume and excellent cover letter, then had a job created for her at Ryan Murphy's company, and now is producing for a major NBC show. And she did that all on her own. So let her be an inspiration. If you're feeling down about your employment status, maybe take a little time to call the editor of a major influential magazine in your life for some moral support, and then go pound the pavement. If Bee can do it, you can do it! B 2 U! [Page Six]

So the royal christening happened yesterday, meaning Prince George Alexander Louis of Great Britain is now a member of the Anglican church and is thus protected from all Catholics, foreign and domestic. The boy was apparently quite well behaved during the nineteen hour ceremony, which involves dragons and the bronzed tongue of William II, much to the delight of his doting parents. Duchess Kate wore an Alexander McQueen frock, beige or cream in color, with a little chapeau, as is English tradition. Afterward there was a champagne celebration at Chuck and Cammie's house, where I'm sure Prince Harry had a little too much to drink and said something untoward to Pippa who feigned shock and horror but squeezed his hand as he stumbled out to the balcony to get some air and whispered in his ear "One hour" and so it was a good day for everyone. A glorious day to be alive and living in England. [Us Weekly; Us Weekly]

Oh, and! Prince Charles apparently gave "knighting tips" to William, for when he has to perform that ceremony at some point. Basically the biggest tip is don't cut their head off on accident. You know, because you're touching their shoulders with a big ass sword, so just don't slip or sneeze or something and end up cutting their head off. "Of course they'll understand if it happens, that it was on accident, but try not to do it." At least that's what I imagine he said. Everyone in the British aristocracy says "on accident." It's just a thing with them. No one's sure why. Anyway, hopefully now William feels ready to knight people without lopping their heads off in the process. "Oh no! It was a accident, I swear!" They say "a accident" too. [Time, via Page Six]

Hm. Bruce Jenner was not invited to Kim Kardashian's proposal. Or Kanye West's proposal to Kim Kardashian. There was a host of family waiting in the wings at AT&T stadium to congratulate the couple after Kim said yes, but step-dad Bruce was not among them. No one really knows why he wasn't invited, but he wasn't. Hopefully everything's OK there. Sure Bruce and Kris are separated, but they remain close. And apparently Bruce was the first person Kris called after the deed was done. But still he wasn't there. Wasn't even invited, says TMZ. What happened? What secrets and dark emotions lie in the hearts of the Jenner-Kardashians? Feed us your mysteries, strange souls! We must and should know. [TMZ]

Apparently Kate Moss is having trouble getting a work visa in the United States because of those old photos of her doing cocaine. Which, what? I know this country doesn't let a lot of people in, like non-rich people from anywhere south of the Rio Grande, including South America (seriously, they won't even let working class Chileans come here for a long vacation), but Kate Moss is a known, extremely wealthy supermodel. I don't think she's an immigration problem. But I guess they don't like her crime, her cocaine doing. And yet Keith Richards is allowed on U.S. soil even though he is made of drugs. The actual Keith Richards is long gone, in his place it's a pile of drugs wearing a jean jacket. But they won't let Kate in? Seems odd. And unfair, even. Let Kate in! Let her work! This is America! Land of opportunity. Won't you give Kate Moss a chance, Uncle Sam? [Page Six]

Here's the saddest thing you'll read today and the saddest slideshow you'll look at all day. It's about Pauly D, Las Vegas, the mother of his child, and a big bottle of champagne. The post includes the words "Vegas baby, VEGAS!!!" because apparently it is 2001 again. But at least the post give us this Instagram photo. Look at the young woman on the lower right. She does not appear to be having fun. She is all of us. In this, she is us. [TMZ]

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