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Fans of Showtime's once-great Homeland don't have to wait for September 29 to watch season three's premiere if they're up for a little Internet digging and doing something illegal. The episode leaked online sometime over the last 24 hours, nearly a full month ahead of schedule. In music a leak is common, but this doesn't happen every day with episodes of important television. Regardless, fans clamouring to find out what happens next after season two's explosive finale have already downloaded the episode over 100,000 times from torrenting websites. 

Variety points to screeners given out at the Television Critics Association panel in July as the source of the leak. The episode doesn't have any opening credits beyond a "Showtime presents..." animation, and lacks some special effects treatments. Critics who watched those screeners loved the slightly new direction the show will apparently go in season three. 

That said, the full fifty three minutes are out there for fans who don't have a problem with downloading TV illegally. The Atlantic Wire does not advise you do anything against the law on your day off -- a visit from the feds would ruin your evening barbecue -- but, well, you're going to be on the couch watching TV all day anyway. Embrace the spoiler, maybe, answer some of those lingering questions. Just don't tell anyone you did it. 

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