The Year Without Pixar

Today in show business news: A delay means Pixar will have nothing for us in 2014, some Big Bang actress get big raises, and Miley Cyrus has a number one hit.

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Today in show business news: A delay means Pixar will have nothing for us in 2014, some Big Bang actress get big raises, and Miley Cyrus has a number one hit.

Since 2006, seemingly blessed animated movie studio Pixar has released one film a year. From Cars to Monsters University, the studio has been the steady Woody Allen of animation, only with more consistency. Sure DreamWorks Animation tends to release two films a year, but they're never as meticulously crafted as the Pixar pictures. Even the somewhat crassly commercial Cars 2 beats something like Turbo any day. But next year, that streak will be broken. The studio has been forced to delay the release of its next feature, The Good Dinosaur, for a whopping eighteen months. A little while ago they fired that film's director, Bob Peterson, and have realized that to essentially start all over again, they're going to need a lot more time. So Good Dinosaur moves off its May 30, 2014 date and over to November 25, 2015. Disney's Maleficent will sneak into the now-vacant plum Memorial Day slot, while Pixar's Finding Dory gets pushed all the way to June 2016. Meaning there will be a 13-year gap between Finding Nemo and its sequel. But more immediately, we will not have a Pixar movie next year! What a bummer. What will that year look like? Well, the last year there wasn't a Pixar movie was 2005, the gap between The Incredibles and Cars. 2005. Hm. So we'll all be getting excited about a gay cowboy movie. A new Batman franchise will start. Something something Wedding Crashers. Oh and we all will be seniors in college/recent graduates and we'll be 22 and broke but full of hope about the future and everything will be simpler and more exciting and everyone will be younger and more beautiful and won't it be perfect! 2005! We get to do it all over again! Well, Pixar release schedule-wise, anyway. Sigh. [The Hollywood Reporter]

In the wake of criticism that the new J.D. Salinger biopic Salinger doesn't spend enough time appropriately addressing the author's troublesome correspondences with young women, the Weinstein Company has announced that 20 minutes of additional footage addressing the topic will be added to the film on September 20. They're calling this a "special edition," "special" meaning "no longer glosses over the realities of this guy's super creepy and damaging relationships with teenage girls." Y'know. That kind of special. [The New York Times]

Blossom just got a sweet raise. Mayim Bialik and her Big Bang Theory costar Melissa Rauch have received big, banging salary bumps while they negotiate new contracts. They'll go from the $20,000-$30,000 per-episode range to about $60,000, according to Deadline. What's more is that for every year of their contracts, they'll get additional bumps (like in the bathroom in between Robyn songs at the club) that will eventually bring them up to $100k per week. Now, that's not anywhere near the $350,000 per episode that the three leads are making (they'll eventually make $500k per ep), but it's something. It's a lotta money. To be on The Big Bang Theory. That's all you have to do for that money. Be on The Big Bang Theory. Seems like a pretty good deal to me. [Deadline]

Well, we've done it. We've really done it now. Miley Cyrus now has her first number one single. According to Billboard, Milicent Twerkitha Cyrus IV currently has the most popular song in all the land. It is her mournful scream-tune "Wrecking Ball," about Miley's many hard years as a construction worker in the Pittsburgh area. Really powerful stuff. Now, some are suggesting that the song is only number one because the video features her swingin' around naked on a big ol' wrecking ball, but no. I believe it has to be for the powerful lyrics. Who can say no to poetry like, "I came in like a wrecking ball / I never hit so hard in love / All I wanted was to break your walls / All you ever did was wreck me." (Seriously, though. If she came in like the wrecking ball, but all he ever did was wreck her, who is really doing the wrecking? Both people are wrecking? Is that the point? Because then he came in like a wrecking ball too, so it's not that special.) Sing on, priestess! Keep blessing us with sermons from your perch high atop the charts. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Angelina Jolie has cast Garrett Hedlund in her movie Unbroken, about WWII pilots. He'll be acting alongside Jack O'Connell, with shooting starting in Australia next month. Aha. So Angelina Jolie is going to be spending her fall and winter on some tropical beach in Australia with him and him. Very clever. Very, very clever. She's a crafty spider, isn't she, that Angelina. Craftiest critter of them all. [Deadline]

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