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After a brief stint on the bench, the International Olympic Committee voted to reinstate wrestling as an Olympic sport for the 2020 and 2024 games during meetings in Buenos Aries, Argentina on Sunday. When IOC members gathered on Sunday, the field was whittled down to three: wrestling, baseball/softball, or squash. The matter was put to a vote after video presentations Sunday morning. Wrestling won with a clear majority after the first round:

After a campaign formed within the wrestling community to save the sport from its untimely demise, the ones who helped out are celebrating the IOC's decision Sunday morning: 

Wrestling originally faced stiff competition from other sports vying to steal its place on the Olympic roster after the IOC voted in February to remove it from the 2020 Summer Games schedule. Wakeboarding, competitive rock climbing, karate, roller blading, squash, and wushu were all vying for their own place at the Olympics. The other option was a baseball/softball joint bid, two sports that were already removed from the Olympics for being boring. Wrestling, the only sport played at every Olympic ceremony since the games began, was given an opportunity to fight for survival. 

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