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Today in show business news: A popular video game is becoming a movie, the Atlas Shrugged people want your money, and Daniel Radcliffe is not playing Freddie Mercury.

And a great cry rose up from the basements and computer rooms and sweaty, boxer-strewn bedrooms across America. For the movie version of the extremely popular computer game World of Warcraft, a huge multiplayer online thing that involves role playing and stuff, is underway. Hollywood has streamlined the title to just Warcraft, and the lead roles have been offered to Paula Patton and Colin Farrell. Paul Dano, Anton Yelchin, Anson Mount, and the guy from that show Vikings are also in the running for roles. There's no info about a particular plot or anything, but this thing is happening. It really is. This isn't going to be some Halo movie debacle. This is the real deal. Are you ready? I mean, people are still playing WoW, right? Or is it all GTA V now? Who can keep up with this stuff. [Deadline]

Oh man. The irony! The producers of the Atlas Shrugged movies, the trilogy based on the Ayn Rand novel beloved by college-age libertarian guys the nation over (some of whom undoubtedly play World of Warcraft), are doing something very un-Randian: They're begging for money. The production has started a Kickstarter campaign, trying to raise funds for the third movie. They're only looking for $250,000, and have already raised $43,000, but still. Still! It is rather funny, isn't it? Someone says in the campaign's video, "You can't allow other people to do things for you." In a Kickstarter campaign video. Anyway, good luck, you crazy objectivists. Twenty-nine days to go! [The Dissolve]

There was a rumor that little Daniel Radcliffe, a wizard turned Broadway song and dance man turned in-demand movie star, was going to combine all of that and play Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in an upcoming biopic. This sounded like a strange and exciting prospect, but The Wrap say it's not true. It's all rubbish and lies, the living members of Queen haven't even spoken to Radcliffe. So, oh well. Who should play Freddie Mercury? It was going to be Sacha Baron Cohen, but then he dropped out. So who else might be good? Though, really, why even bother trying to come up with a good person. It's going to James Franco and we all know it. What's the point of fighting it? [The Wrap]

Here is a first look at Lily James as Cinderella in Disney's live-action Cinderella. She's riding a horse. So that's exciting. It'd be way cooler to see Cate Blanchett's wicked stepmother, or hell Richard Madden's Prince Charming, but this is still interesting. Cindy, on her horse. There she goes. She looks happy! So maybe this is toward the end of the film? We'll have to wait a year and a half to find out. [Entertainment Weekly]

Here's a trailer for the new basic cable miniseries Bonnie & Clyde, starring Emile Hirsch as Clyde and Holliday Grainger as Bonnie. (The trailer says "introducing Holliday Grainger," but she's been in lots of things before, including The Borgias, which just ended.) William Hurt and Holly Hunter are also in this decidedly cheap-looking thing, which will be simulcast on Lifetime, History, and A&E. Clearly they're going for another Hatfields & McCoys breakout success here, but I don't know if this is gonna do it. Looks a little cheesy, doesn't it?

And here's a trailer for Dom Hemingway, a British crime comedy starring Jude Law as an ex-con looking to get paid for keeping his mouth shut in prison. Daenerys Stormborn plays his estranged daughter. It seems... loud. That's the main takeaway. Lot of noise.

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