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WikiLeaks leaked the script to Bill Condon's WikiLeaks movie The Fifth Estate, which opens October 18, alongside a memo critiquing the film. Spoiler alert: WikiLeaks doesn't like it very much. 

In a tweet sent yesterday (via Entertainment Weekly) WikiLeaks wrote: "As WikiLeaks was never consulted about the upcoming Hollywood film on us, we've given our advice for free: It's bad." The memo, complete with links to various examples within the script, explains why the organization is responding to the film in such a hostile way. For example, the memo explains: 

The memo has a range of complaints with the film that range from the serious—it insists that the film "falsely implies that WikiLeaks harmed 2,000 US government informants"—to the trivial. Apparently, Julian Assange (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) does not "dye or bleach his hair white, as claimed in the film." Condon himself has said that Assange has always been "against" the film, but added in an interview with the Huffington Post that the film " is certainly not -- in any case, in any way -- a white-wash of history or celebration of him. It's also not an attack on him." 

The film received middling reviews in Toronto, so maybe it will destroy itself without any help from Assange, who is only drawing attention to it. 

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