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Between comedy videos, Internet contests, and AP news breaks, silly and ridiculous names are dominating the news cycle. Take our quiz to find out — Can you tell which crazy-sounding names are of actual people and which are from a comedy skit?

Last week, the sketch comedy duo Key & Peele debuted their third season on Comedy Central with a rousing second iteration of their beloved "East/West College Bowl" skit. The videos mock the increasingly bizarre real-life names of football players by putting forward a series of the actors in disguises spouting off fake names, ranging from the phonetically-pleasing "Hingle McCringleberry," to the absurd "X-wing @aliciousness." The ideas were, perhaps unsurprisingly, created under the influence of Ms. Mary Jane, but that hasn't stopped them from reaching a wide audience. The original skit has racked up almost 18 million views, and version 2.0, which sticks to a similar formula — "D'pez Poopsie" is a personal favorite — is up to six million.

But silly names aren't just for the realm of fiction, as the annual Name of the Year contest just opened for online voting. The March Madness-style bracket contest passed its 30th year of finding the most ridiculous names of real people, building off the success of past winners Vanilla Dong, Honka Wonka, and Nohjay Nimpson. Yes, those are all real monikers of individual members of the homo sapien species.

Last week's story about a Hawaii woman's struggles to get her full name — Janice Lokelani Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele — to fit on her driver's license only underscored the obvious: silly names are still around and they are still funny. 

So can you figure out which names are real and which are fake? Take our quiz to find out. And yes, it's okay to giggle, drugs or not.

Click on the name that you think is real:










Your results:

0-2 Correct: Don't worry, they all sound totally ridiculous.

3-6 Correct: You've got some Bart Simpson in you, but it's too late to take your incorrect answers Bak (Bak).

7-9 Correct: Congrats! You either have an incredible knowledge of name etymology, or you just watched the video above before taking the quiz. That's a win either way.

(Thanks to Philip Bump for help with the quiz.)

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