Vogue Cancels On Miley

Today in celebrity gossip: Miley Cyrus had her Vogue cover pulled, and everyone got married this weekend, including Patrick Stewart and a very wealthy royal.

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The ruination of Miley Cyrus continues. Since she did exotic dances on stage at the Video Music Awards, thus proving herself a witch, the young singer and provocateur has received heaps of criticism. The latest comes in the form of a Vogue snubbing. Well it's actually worse than a snubbing, because Cyrus was set to appear on an upcoming cover of the magazine and then the magazine went back on it, supposedly at the behest of editrix Anna Wintour, the most fearsome person in fashion if you don't count Michael Kors after he's had one too many Singapore Slings at Townhouse. A source told the Daily Mail that Wintour found Cyrus's performance "distasteful" and so decided that she didn't want Cyrus defiling her beloved magazine. Wintour didn't seem to mind sexual controversy related to Miley Cyrus and her magazine back when she did that infamous nude-ish cover in 2009, but that was before Cyrus had become a self-actualized adult with a rear-end that moves of its own volition. Now it is all too much. Though, to be fair, there is some skepticism from certain camps that there was ever a planned Vogue cover at all. So who knows. Has this young and dangerous witch been banned from fashion's most revered bible? You'd have to ask Anna Wintour to know for sure, and I don't know if it's worth fighting all those dragons and answering all those riddles just to get to her. This may just have be to be a mystery for now. [New York Daily News]

Patrick Stewart got married this weekend and his good buddy Ian McKellen was the officiant. Stewart met his third wife, 35-year-old Sunny Ozell, five years ago when he was working in Brooklyn, and now they've gotten hitched. There's not much info about the ceremony available, other than a photo that Stewart tweeted showing he and Ozell's heads poking up out of a ball pit, and a photo from McKellen's Facebook page that shows the actor wearing a T-shirt that says "Minister" while he holds his "Doctor of Divinity" degree. So you know, just two guys in their 70s, foolin' around on social media on one of their wedding days. Good for them. Why not. Hope Michael Fassebender and James McAvoy are doing the same thing in 40 years. [Us Weekly]

Another wedding! The Page Six headline about this one is simply "Royal, model celebrate wedding." Oh. OK. Just that, y'know. A royal and a model got married. That's it. Case closed. Well, no, the particular royal in question is Prince Rahim Aga Khan, the very wealthy son of Aga Khan IV, a businessman and the Imam of a denomination of Shia Islam. The model is Kendra Spears, a popular face for brands like Prada and Diane von Furstenberg and a fixture of the European catwalks. A bunch of celebrities were at the reception, which was held at the Natural History Museum, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Campbell, Edward Norton, and Rashida Jones. Plus there were lots of royal types from Europe and fashion people and billionaires and all sorts of other people who exist in enough numbers that they can fill up a party but not enough that any of us will ever meet one of them. They basically live in another dimension. Imagine being a member of Spears's family, from Seattle, and going to that wedding. "Hey, Doug? Can we switch shifts? I'm going to my cousin Kendra's wedding this weekend. It's in New York. She's marrying a prince. An actual prince. Leonardo DiCaprio's going to be there. So I can pick up your Monday double if you'll work Saturday and Sunday for me. Thanks." [Page Six]

Basically everyone got married this weekend. Judge Judy officiated her grandson's wedding on Saturday, an elaborate and luxurious event that featured all kinds of flourishes and embellishments. The Page Six write-up of the wedding was written by Cindy Adams, and is thus a bizarre two paragraphs of strange phrasing and old-timey gossip rag flair. Sentence construction like, "China, Bernardaud and Versace. Glasses, Baccarat." That sort of thing. I hope Cindy Adams was actually at the wedding, writing down everything she saw. There should be a daily column of things that Cindy Adams saw. At a wedding, on the street, in a store, in her own home, wherever. The ones about her house would undoubtedly be the most interesting. "Linens, Tommy Bahama. Toasts, Melba." Make it happen, Page Six. [Page Six]

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