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The arrival of yet another show about two detectives hunting for a killer may make some roll their eyes—we've, of course, already got The KillingBroadchurch, and The Bridge—but say those two detectives are played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson and all eight episodes are stylishly directed by Jane Eyre's Cary Fukunaga? Okay. We're in. 

The trailer for HBO'S True Detective debuted last night and, while it doesn't answer many questions, the show looks more intriguing than ever. Harrelson appears to play the family man to McConaughey's rebel, and its Louisiana setting looks like a sinister version of the swampy Southern landscape explored recently in films like Beasts of the Southern Wild and Mud, which also starred McConaughey. 

Perhaps the most intriguing element of the trailer pops up more than halfway through when we see McConaughey appear with a mustache and long hair. That is a nod to the interesting structure of this project. The first season will cover 17 years of the same case, The Hollywood Reporter's Lesley Goldberg explained. The  show will then regenerate season to season, a la American Horror Story — after all, McConaughey has a fantastic movie career to pursue as well. 

True Detective arrives in January

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