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Thank you, America, or at least 6 million of you, for tuning into Brooklyn Nine-Nine one of fall's most promising comedies. The bad news is, you all watched Dads too.

Last night, Fox debuted one of the best and the absolutely worst show of the new season. The problem is, everyone watched both in equal measure. The Andy-Samberg-in-a-Speedo-with-a-badge comedy (who has been eavesdropping on my dreams?) clocked 6 million viewers, a very solid debut for a Fox comedy. Dads, which airs in the time slot before it and has been derided by critics not only for being horrible but also racist and misogynistic, still got 5.6 million viewers. That means we're going to be subjected to a lot more of it.

The success of Brooklyn also helped out the hipsters on New Girl (after all, Brooklyn was made for hipsters?) which also attracted 5.6 million viewers, up slightly from its premiere last year. Sadly, struggling yet hilarious The Mindy Project didn't fare as well with only 4 million, down 20 percent from its series premiere last fall.

So, congrats Fox! I hope someone bought you bagels this morning because next week, ratings juggernauts NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles Flavor, and The Voice return and Marvel's Agents of Ess Eich Eye Eee Ell Dee premieres, so all of this success could be washed away in a week.

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