Stacy Keibler's Post-Clooney Transformation

Today in celebrity gossip: Stacy Keibler is finding herself post-breakup with George Clooney, Cameron Diaz has a fancy new home in New York City, and Seth Meyers got married. 

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Stacy Keibler is going through some things. The former professional wrestler broke up with George Clooney a couple months ago, and was faced with that biggest of questions: What do I do now? Life can be strange for George Clooney's exes. Whatever happened to Elisabetta Canalis? Nobody knows! No one really knows. Keibler would like to avoid that fate, of course, but she also needs to be herself, to find out who she is and live her truest life. And what better place to do that than Burning Man. Yes, Stacy Keibler spent the weekend at Burning Man, the great anarcho-hippie festival in the Nevada desert where people do a lot of drugs and hug each other and close their eyes real real tight and wish, futilely, that the world was different, that they didn't have to go back to their regular boring lives and instead just do this forever. It's for young dreamers and old refugees and Stacy wanted in. And she seemed to have had a wonderful time, if her Instagram account is any indication. She took lots of pictures of hippie wastrels and sunrises and whatnot, tagging most pictures with #lifechanging or #teamlifechanging. So she's feeling things out in that desert, her mind is expanding, her soul reaching. And that's good! Always good to feel yourself growing. But Burning Man? C'mon, Stace. You're not 19. Read a book or take a class. Change your life that way. Stumbling around Burning Man for a few days and then returning to the relatively jet-set life isn't real change. It's distraction. Unless of course Stacy Keibler ends up moving to a yurt in Indio and really committing to this. "Where did Stacy Keibler go?" "She lives outside Bozeman with a guy named Satchel, his sister Kiley, and like eight dogs. She works at a river rafting place I think." "Oh." If that happens, then fine. Burning Man did change her life. But if not? It was just a weekend away. [Us Weekly]

Do you want to look at pictures of Cameron Diaz's New York City apartment? Of course you want to look at pictures of Cameron Diaz's New York City apartment. Who wouldn't want to look at pictures of Cameron Diaz's New York City apartment? A crazy person, that's who. The point is, Diaz recently did a photo shoot with Elle Decor showing off her new apartment and I gotta tell ya. Cameron Diaz's style is not my style. It is awfully... gaudy, isn't it? That gold sink and the shimmery stuff and that big horrible marble coffee table. I don't like it, Cameron! I gotta be honest. It might work in some sprawling old Spanish-style house in California somewhere, but it's all a bit heavy for a Manhattan apartment. (At least I'm assuming it's Manhattan. Cameron Diaz could live in Queens! We don't know!) Oh well. Different strokes for different folks. Cameron Diaz can have her golden bathroom and gilded everything else and I'll be content with my broken Ikea coffee table and broken Ikea dresser/TV stand and old bathtub that doesn't really drain. And that's OK. [People]

Saturday Night Live writer and future Late Night host Seth Meyers got married on Martha's Vineyard over the weekend to his lawyer fiance Alexi Ashe. Guests in attendance included Amy Poehler, Fred Armisen, Taran Killam, Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis, Kristen Wiig, Will Forte, Olivia Munn, Allison Williams, Ali Larter, and Rashida Jones. And then all of Seth and Alexi's non-famous friends and everyone's family and everything. I always wonder about weddings like that, where one person is famous. Mustn't it be weird to go to that wedding? Knowing that you're going to your friend's wedding and that a bunch of famous people are going to be there, because that's who your friend is marrying? And then you're at the wedding and there are relatives and assorted other old people there and some kids and then, oops, there's Kristen Wiig. And Amy Poehler. And whoever else. What if they ended up at your table? It's not really like you can do the small talk stuff, asking them what they do and how they know the bride and groom, etc. It just seems odd. But, I'm sure it was a lovely time. [Us Weekly]

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria have released the first photo of their new baby Carmen, giving it to People magazine so other outlets will stop harassing them trying to get pictures of their baby. Which... Hm. I don't doubt that there are paparazzi agencies dying to get their hands on a photo of Alec Baldwin's kid, but on the consumer side, where is the market for that? Show of hands, who was really eager to see a photo of Alec Baldwin's new baby? I really can't imagine that too many people were champing at the bit, desperate to see some snaps of baby Carmen. It just doesn't seem like something that lots of folks are clamoring for. But who knows! Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe tons of people were dying to see this photo and now they have it, in the safe confines of People magazine, a controlled release. That might be the case. If so, enjoy it, you weirdos. Enjoy it to your heart's content. [People]

A Monégasque prince took a wife over the weekend. Andrea Casiraghi married South American socialite heiress Tatiana Santo Domingo, whom he's been dating for seven years and has a kid with. So it's about damn time, Andy! Sheesh. What's been keeping you? Were the Monaco police doing a really thorough background check on her? Did someone find a weird old scroll or something that said a prince must wait seven years before he marries his bride? There's probably some dumb old rule like that. Because if not, seven years and a baby is a long damn time not to be married. If you're planning on getting married at some point, anyway. You don't have to get married, ever! That's fine. Look at Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. They're still going strong and unmarried. But if you are going to get married, if that's the ultimate plan, why wait so long? Just do it already. Though, of course, this is a royal and an heiress we're talking about. They do things differently. [Page Six]

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