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While Jimmy Kimmel spent this week tricking his audience with the SEO- and viral-ready Most Epic Twerk Fail, the other late night Jimmy—Fallon, that is—was busy prepping his latest pre-taped bit, "Joking Bad." (It's a parody of Breaking Bad.) It's the newest in Fallon's lengthy, high production value (relatively, at least) series of TV parodies, following, "Downton Sixbey" and "Game of Desks".

"Joking Bad" sees Fallon, baldcap and all, getting into the illicit joke game by partnering with sidekick Higgins (who drops the word "bitch" as a punchline so frequently that it develops a humor similar to the Sideshow Bob rake scene). The 12-minute segment manages to densely pack together a bunch of blatant and obscure references (yes, there is pizza roof) to the series, as well as some decent cameos and a very strong final punchline.

The difference between Kimmel and Fallon's online strategies have never been more obvious than this week, as both have released online stunts carefully orchestrated to get attention. While Kimmel's was zeitgeist-y in a very broad, slapstick way—and to be sure, well-executed—Fallon is appealing to a specific fandom. Breaking Bad's fans are nothing if not obsessive, so rather than get a bunch of people to watch a video once, "Joking Bad" seems more orchestrated to be watched and combed through by a small subset multiple times.

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