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'Sleepy Hollow' Might Be a Hit

Today in show business news: Fox might have a supernatural hit on its hands, Queen Latifah debuts well, and a Zac Efron movie gets a terrible new title.

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Today in show business news: Fox might have a supernatural hit on its hands, Queen Latifah debuts well, and a Zac Efron movie gets a terrible new title.

Fox's absurd kitchen sink paranormal apocalyptic detective show Sleepy Hollow premiered last night, and it seems that America is hungry for some ridiculous horsemen hijinks. Or they were at least curious about what this wacky show is all about. The show scored big in the ratings last night, pulling in 10.1 million viewers and a 3.5 rating among 18-49ers. That's up 133 percent over the short-lived (and tragically so) Mob Doctor's premiere last year, The Hollywood Reporter notes. So. A good start. But will people stay interested? Lots of these gimmicky shows do well in their initial premieres and then quickly drop off once people realize how, well, dumb everything is. NBC's big concept serial Revolution premiered to high numbers last fall but had dropped about four million average viewers by the finale in May. That show is coming back this year, but it needs a ratings infusion, stat. Will the same fate befall the weird 'n' wild denizens of Sleepy Hollow? We hope they figure it out and people stay interested. It's a deeply silly show, but there's something charming in all that jumble. Good luck, Ichabod! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Elsewhere in television debuts, Queen Latifah earned her crown. Her new talk show, mysteriously called The Queen Latifah Show, premiered yesterday to the highest talk show numbers since Katie Couric's debut, um, last year. Of course Katie then saw ratings slip a bit, but let's not bother Queen La with that. Right now let's celebrate the fact that her show "improved its time periods and built on its lead-ins by double digits, especially in the key W25-54 demo where her show was up 80% from last year’s time period and up 29% from its lead-in," according to Deadline. That all sounds good to us! And, really, should we be surprised? Who on this Earth doesn't like Queen Latifah? Who? Nobody. Everyone likes Queen Latifah, because what's not to like. Thus, people watch her talk show. It's simple math. That's all. [Deadline]

In order to be truly completist about the Fast & Furious catalog, Lucas Black from the oft-forgotten third film in the franchise, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, has been added to the cast of the upcoming seventh film. Well, actually, apparently he's going to be in three more F&F movies, a planned trilogy of sorts. Good heavens what will be happening in these movies? What more can a car do that a car hasn't already done in the six previous movies? Can a car love? Can it feel remorse? Can a car slip the surly bonds of Earth and touch the face of God? Maybe that's what's happening. Fast & Furious Goes to Space. That's really all they've left to do. Except — gasp — Fastquest: DSV. Could it happen?? [Entertainment Weekly]

Oh god. Zac Efron has a romantic comedy coming out next year that was called Are We Officially Dating?. Which, yes, is a terrible title. But not as terrible as the new title, which is That Awkward Moment. As in, people on the Internet -- on Twitter or Facebook or blog listicles or whatever -- saying, "That awkward moment when..." and then adding something that's supposed to seem universal and relatable or whatever. ("That awkward moment when he doesn't text back." Or whatever.) It's a terrible trend or meme or construction or whatever we're calling it and we should not validate it by making it the title of a movie. We absolutely should not. What's next, a movie called So Many Feels? God, that's probably already in development. Thought Catalog Studios presents, Ansel Elgort and Chloe Grace Moretz in So Many Feels. Burn it. Anyway, this Zac Efron movie is described as "Three Manhattan bachelors make a pact to have as much fun as possible while remaining single," so it probably wasn't going to be good no matter what. But still. Still. [Deadline]
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