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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD was arguably the most highly anticipated — if not most hyped —premiere of the season, and it lived up to all the buzz with the biggest network drama debut in four years. Meanwhile, people are starting to realize that Dads is awful. 

The Winners

A whopping 11.9 million people tuned in to watch SHIELD last night on ABC. That's not as many as Monday night's The Blacklist on NBC (12.6 million), but SHIELD won a larger portion of the 18-49 year-old viewers that advertisers crave like Nick Fury craves a good cigar. And that makes sense — does anyone know a 20-something year old nerd who saw The Avengers in theaters less than three times? No. Also, The Blacklist didn't have to compete against the NCIS premiere, like SHEILD.

Speaking of NCIS, the premiere of NCIS: Los Angeles had more viewers, 16.17 million, to be exact, than all four Fox comedies combined. Or, put another way, a spin-off of a spin-off (NCIS is a spin-off of JAG) had more viewers than an entire line-up of original comedies. Basically, CBS wins and everyone else is just competing for second. That being said, NBC's sophomore series Chicago Fire — the one about hot fire fighters — did a lot better on its new night (last year it aired on Wednesday, after Law & Order SVU), with 9.2 million viewers, up 40 percent from the 6.6 million who tuned in for the series' premiere. CBS's Person of Interest still had more viewers, (12.2 million) but Chicago Fire had better ratings with the kids who want to gawk at hot fire fighters.

The Losers

The good news is that Fox's awful, racist and sexist Dads lost nearly two million viewers, over a third of its audience, since its premiere last week. The bad news is that so did Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Also, Dads had about 600,000 more viewers than The Mindy Project, which makes no sense. America, what are you doing?

With 6.6 million viewers ABC's unfortunately named Trophy Wife didn't do as well as The Goldbergs, but when you're premiering after SHIELD, then 10 million viewers is easy to come by. Speaking of which, we should have put The Wonder Years knock-off The Goldbergs in the winners column.

Of course, the real loser of the night was, funny enough, Lucky 7, which only had 4.5 million viewers. Would have been lucky to get to 7. That's the show with the people who win the lottery, and then... well, we probably won't find out what happens next since it may very well get cancelled. It flopped in the young folk demographic and was the least watched of the ABC line-up, like a sad ginger in a family of blonds. 

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