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A Russian parents group has written to President Vladimir Putin, alleging that an upcoming Elton John concert violates a ban on homosexual propaganda and asking him to cancel the event. Reuters reports that the parents group alleges "The singer intends to come out in support of local sodomites and break the current Russian law, directed at protecting children."

Despite other celebrities who support gay rights turning down opportunities to visit the country, Sir Elton still plans on going ahead with the performance. He told NPR:

I'll probably get criticized for going, and I can understand that. It's just that I, as a gay man and a gay musician, cannot stay at home and not support these people who have been to lots of my concerts in the past. I'm aware of the situation and I will be diplomatic. I'm not going to go into Russia and tell [Vladimir Putin] to go to hell and things like that. That's not the way things are done. You chip away at something, and you hope there will be dialogue and that the situation can get better. You don't just go in there with guns blazing and say, 'Well, to hell with you.'

The rock star performed a song dedicated to Liberace at the Emmys this past Sunday.

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