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There is a lot to like in the first trailer for the RoboCop remake, although the character now has a slightly less interesting origin story. Gone is Peter Weller getting shot to pieces and in its places is Joel Kinnaman and a boring, old car bomb.

The action looks pretty good, and the titular hero has been given a decent 21st-century makeover—more Cupertino gloss and Tron-like than it is Detroit steel. The cast list is pretty great too, with turns from Gary Oldman as the slightly mad scientist who creates RoboCop (who is, if you forgot, a robotic cop) and Michael Keaton as some sort of menacing corporate head honcho. But the real star of the trailer is Samuel L. Jackson, or more precisely, whatever crawled up and died on Jackson's head.

The 2014 update will feature drones far more heavily than the original, since the drone has become our most potent shorthand for "ethically dubious, emotionally distancing technology."

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