Robin Williams Destroyed Michael J. Fox on Television Last Night

In the battle of the returning television veterans, it looks like Robin Williams comes out on top.

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Robin Williams has still got it.

Two of America's favorite '80s remnants debuted workplace comedies last night at the same time — Williams' kooky ad-agency set The Crazy Ones aired on rating juggernaut CBS and competed against an NBC recruitment video called The Michael J. Fox Show. Fox pulled in a respectable 7.3 million viewers, but The Crazy Ones completely and utterly dominated 9 p.m. last night, with 15.6 million viewers and a good chunk of its huge Big Bang Theory lead-in. Basically, CBS won and proved once again that everyone else is just fighting for its scraps.

The Winners

Throughout the week we've sort of forgotten just how many people watch CBS. NBC had two small victories this week, thanks to The Voice and the premiere of Law & Order: SVU. But just when it seemed like the other networks might stand a chance, CBS brought out the big guns and won every single time slot last night. The ever reliable Big Bang Theory drew in 18.9 million viewers and its share of the 18-49 demographic was more than twice as much as the next closest show, Fox's X-Factor (which pulled in a measly 6.38 millions viewers). Even Two and a Half Men's premiere at 9:30 pm had 11.5 million viewers and Elementary's had 10.1 million viewers at 10 p.m.

In a real testament to CBS and Big Bang's dominance, the other networks just sort of laid down and played dead. The CW, absent from this week's ratings, doesn't even premiere their shows until a week after everyone else. ABC played a re-run of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, because it's not like they're going to subject Grey's Anatomy to that kind of competition. NBC, whose Thursday night comedy block is sorely missing 30 Rock, put Parks and Recreation in because it has low ratings either way (sorry, superfans, it's true).

If anyone can claim second place (that's really all there is if you're not CBS) it's ABC. The premiere of Grey's was the highest rated, most watched show last night not on CBS. Also, the SHIELD re-run did as well as a few season premieres.

The Losers

Glee and Parenthood both had 5.17 million viewers, and so did the SHIELD re-run on ABC. If the brand new premiere of your show does as well as a re-run of a CBS show then that's one thing. But it was a re-run of an ABC show. Ouch. Same goes for Parks and Recreation whose premiere actually got beaten by the aforementioned show that almost 12 million people just watched a few days ago.

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