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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where we're wondering why Riddick movies still being made in 2013. We want to love Vin Diesel, but sometimes he makes it so hard. 

1. Riddick (Universal): $18.6 million in 3,107 theaters

If you do want a good explainer as to why we're still getting Riddick movies in 2013 -- a full thirteen years after Pitch Black was released and nine years after Chronicles of Riddick came out -- Deadline's Nikki Finke has the character's behind the scenes Hollywood history. The takeaway is that Riddick is a vanity project for Vin Diesel when he's not doing another Fast & the Furious sequel. Which, OK, sure. Why not?

This is also the quietest box office weekend of the year, and this is the only new movie out this week. The science behind Riddick's win isn't complicated.

2. Lee Daniels's The Butler (Weinstein Company): $8.9 million in 3,330 theaters [Week 4]

And this is, technically, the first week The Butler has been knocked off the top of the box office. Last week, on Sunday afternoon when we do our roundup, it seemed One Direction had defeated The Butler. But after the tickets were officially counted on Monday morning, it turned out The Butler won the weekend. Lee Daniels's eventual Oscar hopeful also passed the $90 million mark this week, with the expectation that $100 million should come and go some time this week. 

3. Instructions Not Included (Lionsgate): $8.1 million in 717 theaters [Week 2]

Hey, the lil' Spanish movie that could defied conventional expectations again this weekend. After making an insane per-screen average last weekend, Instructions Not Included doubled its number of theaters and brought in another few million. 

4. We're the Millers (Warner): $7.9 million in 3,445 theaters [Week 5]

Jennifer Anniston has one of the top ten hairstyles of all time. There is no debating this. Everyone wanted "the Rachel," don't lie.

5. Planes (Universal): $4.3 million in 3,033 theaters [Week 5]

Poor One Directioners couldn't even keep their silly band's movie in the top five two weeks in a row. What a terrible fan base. 

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