Danny Roberts from 'Real World: New Orleans' Has a Romance Mystery

Real World alum Danny Roberts set tongues wagging last night when he intimated some intimacy with a fellow Real Worlder.

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Last night, Bravo's fun-loving mayor Andy Cohen had some old folks from MTV's The Real World on his video project for school, Watch What Happens Live. It was mostly another lightly dishy, low-consequence evening on the show, except for one key moment that has many Real World fans speculating this morning.

Danny Roberts, whom you may remember as the very pretty gay guy from The Real World: New Orleans (thirteen years ago! Holy cow!), revealed that he had a romance, or at least some sort of physical somethin'-somethin', with a fellow Real Worlder. Not necessarily someone from his season, but someone. A guy who is now married to a woman, he said. Everyone was scandalized, none more so than Andy Cohen, whose plastic dickey snapped and rolled up to his neck when he heard the news. Who could this cast member be?

Danny later revealed that Real World: Las Vegas cast member Trishelle Cannatella dated this anonymous fellow at some point, so thoughts immediately went to Cannatella's kinda sorta sexually ambiguous cast mate, Steven Hill. (Him, not him.) Cannatella later denied that rumor on Twitter, but did not deny that she called Danny during WWHL broadcast to hush him up, as Danny claimed, and did not deny that she dated the Real World fellow being spoken about.

So we can maybe narrow it down some. Cannatella has said in previous interviews that she's only hooked up with three Real World alums: Hill, Mike "The Miz" Mizanin, and Ace Amerson, from Real World: Paris. Who among them is most likely? Well, Hill is, but he's out, if we're to believe Trishelle, and why would she lie? So that leaves us with the other two, and between them? It's Ace, right? It's gotta be Ace. If it's any of them, it's Ace.

But really, it could be anyone. Who's to know what mysteries lie in the hearts of old, old Real World cast members? There are some secrets that have been buried so long that even Andy Cohen can't dig them up. Doesn't mean we shouldn't stop searching for the truth, though. The truth is immortal.

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