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Whatever temporary insanity inspires hipsters and foodies to spend hours and hours in long lines for overpriced and overhyped food isn't limited to New Yorkers. As a recent Associated Press piece somewhat obviously pointed out, cool kids across the country want to be part of a gastronomic in crowd.

Still, no pastry, rib, burger or taco comes close to the meteoric rise of the cronut. The AP lists a couple of possible comparisons —  D.C.'s cupcakes, Austin's BBQ, Los Angeles' Korean tacos, Portland's Voodoo Doughnuts — but none have been able to turn their local popularity into a national, let alone global, obsession. 

While Dominique Ansel's trademarked pastry is only available in Manhattan, it's popularity has spawned imitators around the world and peaked the interest of foodies in dozens of states. As a Google Trends cronut search shows, interest in the flaky treats has managed to spread across the country. The darker the blue, the higher the search volume compared to the high point, New York in this case. 

And while Dominique Ansel's twitter following is barely over 6,000 it hasn't stopped stopped him from being all over the news or getting a book deal

Washington D.C. — Georgetown Cupcakes

Followers: 75,697

Georgetown Cupcakes, the franchise that led to the hit TLC show DC Cupcakes, could be doing a lot better. They have a TV show and stores in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles and Atlanta, yet two of those states don't even crack the top seven. Also, cupcakes are dead, so there's that to consider. 


Los Angeles — Kogi BBQ

Followers: 110,045

Kogi BBQ is the "tha original muh-f*ckin Korean bbq taco truck," according to its twitter. But while it has the highest follower count on our list, it hasn't been able to garner even a fraction of its popularity outside of California and a few West Coast states. Even Angelenos might not be too impressed with their Korean-Mexican fusion — last month the tacos lost to strawberry donuts in a KCET poll on iconic Los Angeles foods. And that was the first round, too.

Austin, Texas — Franklin BBQ

Followers: 16,823

Franklin's Barbecue has all the makings of a national darling. For starters, its only open from 11am until they're "sold out," (meaning its only open for lunch, because they sell out so quickly). Also, BBQ is a little more American than French pastries, even if said pastries are deep fried. Most impressive, however, is the red hot shout out from Bon Appetit, which named it the 17th most important restaurant in the country. But despite that glowing recommendation, searches outside of Texas and semi-neighbor Tennessee are pretty low in comparison the restaurant's home state.

Portland, Oregon — Voodoo Doughnuts

Followers: 13,757 (plus the approval of Taylor Swift)

Voodoo Doughnuts is definitely to coolest place on this list. It spells doughnut the long way, its mascot is a voodoo doll, Taylor Swift likes them and they cover half their donuts with cereal. But outside of the Pacific Northwest, there's not as much buzz. California borders Oregon and is the most populous state in the nation, but 4/100 isn't anything to write home about. Not like that Moon Man donut, anyway.

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